June 30, 2017
Rachel Becher

Heirloomsnaps is a team in which a variety of skills and talents coalesce to produce quality work and artistry. Each member possesses their own skill that adds balance to the company, and results in timeless images that have come to represent Heirloomsnaps. Each unique strength adds to the depth and success of the company, which is why it is just as important to give each individual recognition as well as revel in the final product that we all have helped achieve.

Vanessa is the heart and soul of the Heirloomsnaps. She is the primary photographer, artist, and photo editor. She began doodling in 3rd grade, and with a continued love of art, she graduated from Texas Tech with a BFA in painting and ceramics. She practiced photography as well as other forms of art throughout high school and college, and in 2012 Vanessa started her photography business, Heirloomsnaps. Her talent comes from a natural artistry as well as an undying dedication to her craft. Beyond the challenge of composing a shot and finding the appropriate lighting, she also spends hours editing images to achieve a unique look that is night and day from the original image. Her passion for her profession as well as her clients have never failed to produce gorgeous imagery.

Atiq has been involved with Heirloomsnaps since its beginning. He is the brains behind the operation, with a passion for technology. With responsibilities including sales, marketing, and website management, he is the IT department that keeps the company afloat. Functioning as a business consultant and website developer, Atiq proves to be vital to the company’s success. He and Vanessa work together as husband and wife, but also as a collaborative team that meshes art with IT, and produces a business that offers multiple perspectives on driving the company forward. Atiq and Vanessa met Salsa dancing on Halloween, where he mistook her for a friend he knew. Later, they were supposed to be Tango partners, but as Vanessa puts it, “we got married instead”. The couple works together to create a family business, and exude ultimate support for one another as they take on the challenge.

Jamie is the go-to second shooter contracted for Heirloomsnaps. She specializes in a photo journalistic style that allows her to manage her own photography business, Jamie Kraus Photography, as well as her duties to Heirloomsnaps. She was born in Chicago, and studied Scientific Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. She serves as Vanessa’s right hand shooter, who covers certain details and intimate moments that the primary shooter isn’t able to cover. Her “can do” attitude alleviates Vanessa’s work load, and she is willing to put in the long hours into weddings to ensure she has done her job correctly. She can no doubt be successful on her own, and continues to be an asset to Heirloomsnaps whenever she is able to.

Rachel, who is myself, has been with the company for over a year now, functioning as Vanessa’s lighting assistant, and well as the coordinator between the first and second shooter. I have experience setting up and managing the company photo booth, and I am the primary blogger for the company. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I am currently attending the University of Colorado Boulder, and will soon receive my BA in English. I have a shared passion for art, whether it be the written word, photography, or drawing. I function as an extra pair of hands during weddings, and a voice for the company through my blog posts. I have enjoyed my time with Heirloomsnaps, it has been especially exciting to see how much the company has grown within a short time, and the drive that I witness through Atiq and Vanessa is truly inspiring. I love being able to see the moment that is being photographed, all the way to its final reveal as a polished and edited image. Heirloomsnaps is a company that strives for beauty in a way that applies to all that witness it, and for that I am very happy to be apart of the process.

We now also have Lindsey working for us. We’ll be adding more details about her over here soon.

Revised: June 30th, 2017

First Published: July 19th, 2016

Inside Heirloomsnaps:  A Staff Snapshot Inside Heirloomsnaps:  A Staff Snapshot Inside Heirloomsnaps:  A Staff Snapshot
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