October 7, 2017
Rachel Becher

Almost entirely a D.I.Y. Wedding, Sarah and Nick tied the knot at a beautiful and private location in Grant, Colorado. Almost every aspect of this wedding was possible due to the help of family and friends. Their venue was a property owned by a family friend, and prior to the wedding, Nick as well as multiple volunteers spent a vast amount of time clearing the area for their ceremony and reception. The plates used during dinner were collected months in advance by Sarah’s mother, and everything from table settings to ceremony details were put together by their close ones. Sarah is of Native American decent, and wanted her wedding to showcase her roots. They used dream catchers as both decoration and as party favors, and Nick’s wedding band was constructed from wood.

Family was a huge theme for this wedding, and resulted in multiple instances where emotions ran high. Their attire was reminiscent of their relatives; Nick wore his Grandfather’s watch, and Sarah wore Nick’s Grandmother’s ring. The toasts given at their reception were tender and full of kind words, and resulted in a surprise for both Sarah’s and Nick’s mother. At Sarah’s mother’s wedding, their cake did not arrive, and her parents were never able to cut the cake as a couple. So Sarah and Nick decided to buy a cake for her mother to make up for the missed opportunity, the results were tears of joys and multiple hugs. Nick’s mother also had a missed opportunity at her wedding. The band they hired did not know how to play his parent’s favorite song, so during Sarah and Nick’s wedding, the band learned to play this song, and his parents were able to have a second first dance. Another tear jerker was during Sarah’s first dance with her father. In the middle of things, the power generator ran out of gas, and consequently all power to the sound equipment was lost. However, Sarah and her father, and soon the rest of the guests, continued the song themselves, and they were able to finish their dance.

Participating in this wedding was almost like a fairy tale; amidst a barrage of beautiful sunlight, a loving couple was married among the stunning Colorado greenery. So much time and care was put into the details of their wedding, even from the perspective of an outside participant, the love for each other and their guests was almost tangible. It was a pleasure to partake in the romantic scenery and heartfelt moments between loved ones, and we wish nothing but joy to the newly wed couple.

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