March 22, 2019
Rachel Becher

Aiden participates in track and field, and this is his Senior year of high school. His mother watched pridefully from afar as his Senior portraits were taken. She was blushing with the excitement of her oldest child growing up, way too fast in her opinion. Aiden’s shoot was particularly beautiful, the flatirons were a stunningly gorgeous backdrop. Beyond the view, the weather presented unique challenges and opportunities. The wind was strong, making us thankful that he was a male with short hair. Throughout the course of the shoot, we experienced rain, sun, cold air and rainbows. There were multiple magic moments where the clouds would part, and a glorious golden shimmer of light would shine down. It was gorgeous to say the least, and it made for some dramatic and dynamic pictures of Aiden. Even though the weather presented us with some difficulties, the end result was well worth braving the temperamental Colorado weather.

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