January 18, 2020
Vanessa Mir

Kari and Greg are a couple that met online, and have known each other so long that the theme of their wedding was, “Finally!” The pair tied the knot at the Hudson Gardens and Event Center in Littleton this past fall, and capitalized on the autumn colors as a focal point of their decoration. Kari was laid back in her approach with her florist, and allowed them to decide the layout of her bouquet and  other various flower decorations. Their cake was designed based on the the layout of their wedding invitation, which featured bright colors and watercolor floral designs. All of these details fed into an experience that was truly unique to the spirit of Kari and Greg’s personalities, and their long and loving relationship.

Family and friends gathered to see Kari and Greg get married, and their presence is a huge part of what gave their wedding warmth and charm. Kari had a large group of college friends from Cornell College travel to see her get married to the love of her life, and the group posed for a picture to commemorate the years that they have been friends. Kari and Greg also arranged for one of Hudson’s Gardens’ beautiful fireplaces to serve as a memorial area for those who had passed, but were still close to their hearts on this day.

From Zima to jolly ranchers, and a pedicab to take them to their next destination, Kari and Greg’s wedding was the epitome of their loving and thoughtful relationship, and showcased the joy they receive from each other, as well as their loved ones. Kari and Greg’s first date was a Cubs and Rockies game, and their honeymoon took place in Hawaii. Their relationship has grown and changed along the way, and hand in hand, the pair will continue to strengthen with each passing day into their marriage. Congrats to Kari and Greg!

Vendor List:

Day of Wedding Coordinator: Blue Linden Weddings
Stationary:  Designs by Sarah
Wedding Rings:  Shane Co./EMBR/Family heirloom

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