April 29, 2020
Vanessa Mir


Hello and welcome my name is Vanessa. Join me as Heirloomsnaps gets you one step closer to WEDDING READY.

There are special moments we want to remember, but nothing compares to your wedding day. It’s possibly one of the biggest celebrations you will have with friends and family. With so much thought and effort going into your wedding you spend hours and cash to look your best.

However, what is often left out in the planning is how to carry yourself. What does this mean? Simple put it is your beauty and elegance confidently carried within your body. This includes the stomach, shoulders, and hands. In a bridal portrait it is where the shoulders are held, how your hands rest, and the way your hold your bouquet. Its effect leaves a lasting impression on people and your photographs. The main reason to use good posture; It is the easiest and fast way to improve your image.

Having photographed weddings for over 7 years I have experienced how properly carrying oneself creates stunning portraits.  I want to pass this knowledge on to you so that you not only look your best but carry yourself throughout your wedding day with confidence and beauty. And of course a gorgeous bridal portrait. Begin with these simple steps, practice, and build to memory.

Let’s begin!


→First:   Go to a mirror and look at your body’s side profile. Start with the stomach; it is the main epicenter of a good posture. Practice engaging the stomach down to your lower abs. Practice what it feels like to engage and release. End the step with your stomach engaged.

→Second:   It’s time for the shoulders! Start by rolling your shoulders forward 10x and reverse to rolling your shoulders back 10x. End step with your shoulders rolled back.

→Third:   Consistently practice engaging your stomach and rolling your shoulders back during normal daily activities.

Keeping a good posture takes time and practice. Merely sitting up straight isn’t enough as the tendency is to stick out your chest. Cut yourself some slack when you find yourself slouching; we all do it. It’s rather knowing you are doing it and correcting yourself that counts.

Being at the center of attention can be nerve racking. With a little forethought you will make the best impression on your guests and look stunning in your photos.Use this knowledge to improve your image and start your special event even more prepared to look your best.

We are here to help you on your wedding planning journey….We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you used this video on your wedding day. If you have a question about posture leave a comment below. SHARE this video with anyone needing to improve their posture! There are two more parts to this series HANDS and BOUQUET be sure to Check them out. This is Heirloomsnaps getting you be one step closer to wedding ready!

I would be happy to discuss your wedding or answer questions about your next event. I can be reached at  (720-316-2522),  weddings@heirloomsnaps.com, or visit Heirloomsnaps.com and scroll down to the contact page to set up a personal, face to face consultation with me, Vanessa!! Don’t forget to visit us on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest  to check out the collection of iconic imagery.


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