May 26, 2015
Rachel Becher

Babies are a precious part of our lives that remind us where we have been and where we plan to go in the future. Most newborn photo shoots showcase the baby on their own, emphasizing their helplessness. In this shoot, I wanted to capture the delicate and nurturing relationship that is mother and child. Maxwell was held the whole time, showing the closeness he has to his mother, and the love she showers onto him.

What To Wear For Your Spring Family Photo Session

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Wedding Photographer’s Beauty Bag- Lenses and Strobe Lights

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THE EQUIPMENT: How Wedding Moments Are Never Missed

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Welcome baby Conner | Broomfield Newborn Photographer

It’s exciting to have a newborn in the studio. They are so small, sleep all the time, and with patience offer the sweetest moments.

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