November 14, 2023
Vanessa Mir

Wedding posing may look difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. That is why I have I’ll be sharing 5 wedding poses for the couple that are taken from everyday moments and turned them into icon photos. It is what I use with my clients and what you can do to with each of these poses for easy and natural posed looks.

First off let me just say the first thing I ask my clients to do is be themselves. As their photographer I will guide them to look their best, but I need the client to let go over their fears of being in front of a camera and like I mentioned be themselves. Which after a warm up of about five minutes tension the is off and we start to photograph genuine moments.


The first pose that I want to start with is the Hug. It is the starting point for all the poses that we will cover. The Hug starts with the couple facing each other, but were they place their arms is how the hug is posed. Let’s take a look at a few images to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

The next set of images are “hugs” but I want to show you how you can very your arm placement and still get great results.

This first image the arms are wrapped around each other’s waist and the other hands which you can see are actually being holding hands.

In the left image as another example with almost the same hand placement but I want to show you how the pose changes by having the couple wrap both arms around each other as in the middle image. In this shot the groom wrapped his arms around the brides waists and the bride instead of doing the same thing gently rests her arm on his. The last shot from this group, on the right, the bride wraps her arm around the grooms shoulders and this time the groom places his hand in his pocket.

Now I know you wouldn’t think there could be any more to the Hug pose, but there is. It is called the “back-pack hug.” Bodies are close together and just like a backpack the bride or groom acts like a back-pack and again the hand placement changes the look of the pose. Here are a few examples.

The first two shots above are of the same couple but to add a quick variation the couple swap places and where they place their hands.

The last photo before we move on shows how hand placement gives a different look to the back-pack pose. In this case the groom is holding the waist and the bride her bouquet.


Now for the next pose the “dip.” The body starts off in a hug, however the foot placement is different.

Take a look at the first image the grooms leg are in a front lung position and the bride’s back leg is bending and her front leg is bent in the air.

The above 2 images are the same pose but the first photographed before the dip and second after the dip. I included it to hone in on the point of being yourselves in front of the camera. I also want to mention one more thing with bride’s arm placement which is around the neck of the groom. This offers better support rather that holding on to the arm.

As is this image above were you can see the bride’s back arm is holding onto the groom’s arm and the groom modifying the dip for a look that makes it his own.

Here is one more to dip that demonstrates you just have to be yourself.


Next on to “walking.” I hope you are noticing a pattern with the poses so far. They are inspired from everyday moments. It is what makes them look natural. This pose is no different. Don’t be fooled by the name it does take direction and there is more than one way to pose a walk.

Take a look at the image on the left, they are walking! But the difference is the groom is leading the bride and the roles can be reversed for a different look. The image on the right is what you would typically think of when walking. However this time they are walking towards the camera

Here are two walking poses but the couple and their environment changes the look. The difference in the left image is instead of walking hand in hand the groom gives the bride his elbow. This pose can be done walking, but in this case the couple was stationary. This can be especially helpfully for framing the background as in the case the views of the foothills.

The last variation to this pose is the look over the shoulder as in the image above. Also note in the walking poses if the wedding dress has a long train either the partner or bride can carry it over their arm so it won’t get dirty.


          This pose is inspired by the first dance as newlyweds, “dancing.” The beauty of using it outside of the dance floor is the background. Instead of a venue full of people the couple is position with just themselves and behind a beautiful backdrop.

The couple will starts in what is known in ballroom dancing as the “closed dance hold.” Here is an image of a couple in set in a city park in the dance pose. The lead has one arm wrapped around the followers back, the follower has their arm over their partners shoulder, and they both hold hands.

Here is another couple in the dance pose. It looks like a totally different, but the only differences are the image was taken from a different angle and the groom is holding the bouquet to the bride’s waist.

I want to add one more variation to the dance and that is the spin. Most of us have all been spun around by someone and it makes for great smiles.

Here are two of my favorite shots. The first on the left taken not by my direction but the groom spun around the bride for a better look of the wedding dress right after their first look and the second image was posed for a dance spin to show off the train of the wedding dress.


All the poses that I have gone over can all end in a kiss. However how you kiss and where you place your hands is what takes the kiss from a peck to an impressive wow worthy “now that’s a kiss.” To begin, kissing for the camera is different than what you would normally do. It first starts with a head tilt by each couple in the opposite direction of each other and not every kissing image has to end with the lips touching.

Take this image here the couple is about to kiss but the special moment between the couple is right before the kiss.

The next step to the kiss is the hand placement. Either couple will place their hand on their partners chin or jag line. Above are a examples. Now this doesn’t have to be done with every couple and I photograph kisses without it like this one, but honestly I will ask a couple for a kiss and someone’s hand in most cases goes to their partners jaw line.

That is it for 5 wedding poses for the couple. If you would like to know more about Heirloomsnaps and our wedding photography and videography services please e-mail weddings@heirloomsnaps or visit our contact page. You can also find us on social media: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

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