June 7, 2017
Rachel Becher

Autumn and Dale plan to be married in the fall of 2018, and we met up with them at the Flatirons Vista for their engagement shoot. Accompanying them were Autumn’s Mother and her stepfather, Ivanna and Glenn. Growing their family even more, Dale brought along his two sons, Hunter and Frankie, as well as their dog Copper. Set for new beginnings, Autumn graduated this Spring, and is headed to law school in the fall. The family displayed warmth and affection during the shoot, showing a promising future of coalescence and love.

Autumn and Dale met when she was his server at a restaurant, and at first she gave Dale the cold shoulder. After winning her over, he proposed in front of family. Autumn was overwhelmed with emotion and felt a little shy, and said no at first, but quickly changed her answer to a yes. The couple is on a route for success, happiness, and an expanding family filled with love.

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Flatirons Vista Trailhead


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