March 12, 2021
Vanessa Mir

Here are a few reason why giving the gift of boudoir on his wedding day is part of the planning.

1.Let’s face it weddings are about the bride; you had the vision and he was the listening ear. Let him open an album that will always inspire.

2. There are few times in our lives where we are in our best physical shape and you know your wedding day is one of them.

3. Boudoir is about baring the skin, however you don’t need to be super model. If you have areas you’d rather not show we cover it Still not confident, let’s retouch the image and make it perfect!

4. You have nothing to loose. My 8 years of  experience  photographing all sorts of people and innate ability to find your perfect angle means you don’t have to worry about being camera shy.

What would you be willing to bare to receive a  jaw dropping smile?

Here is a little about this boudoir shoot. The subject was a friend of a friend who had no experience in boudoir. She had a gorgeous spray tan and wax from @akashaskinandsoul and she did her own make-up. I styled the set-up and posed Mackenzie to her best angles. If you are wondering why I didn’t use a real bride; fiancé prefer to keep their gifts to themselves.

Thinking about a boudoir session, engagement session, wedding photography or wedding videography with Denver, Boulder, and Colorado photographer Vanessa Elise Mir and her Heirloomsnaps’ videography team email or contact us now.

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