January 9, 2019
Rachel Becher

As a newly engaged couple, you and your partner are about to experience one of the most simultaneously exciting and stressful moments of your entire life. Weddings are an unforgettable experience, in which groups of people that would otherwise never be in the same room together have gathered to celebrate in the union of love and happiness. They are also unforgettable in their months of foresight, planning, and budgetary constraints. Looking at the entirety of the tasks having to be accomplished is nothing short of terrifying, and the stress involved in planning even a small wedding can surmount in a short amount of time. However, as experienced photographers with a plethora of weddings under our belt, Heirloomsnaps’ expertise can help you rest easy at night, knowing that you have the ability to create the wedding of your dreams one step at a time.

There is so much more to planning a wedding than the guest list, although that might be where your mind springs to first. The true first step to planning a wedding is to figure out your budget. Think of what you can save up for, what you can set aside now, and if you will be getting any help from friends or family with expenses. After you have a general idea of what your finances are, it’s time to sit down and figure out where you want your funds to be allocated. This is a moment for you to ask yourself what is most important to you, and by what means would you like to make your wedding uniquely yours. Whether it’s your wedding dress,  table decorations, or food and drink, you need to decide what kind of experience you want to provide for yourself and your guests, and which wedding expenses take priority.

After your budget is settled, a rough outline of your wedding begins to take shape. The next step is to find out where your ceremony and reception will be held. The availability of your venue dictates several other essential details, and subsequent planning is based on location. Once you have a spot picked out, you can begin to think about decorations, food options, who you want to invite, and of course, your wedding date. When choosing a date, its best to consider weather conditions, availability for family and friends, and giving yourself enough time to plan the rest of the details of the wedding.

A photographer is your next consideration. During your wedding day, time will fly by so fast, that you will not be able to soak in every detail of the culmination of your plans. An experienced photographer will document parts of the wedding you won’t be able to experience, and immortalize memories of you and your loved ones. Heirloomsnaps specializes in capturing those experiences, and delivering that mantelpiece, iconic image of you and your partner that will evoke emotion for generations to come.

These are the foundations of a wedding plan, and after these essential decisions are made, planning a wedding becomes about dividing and conquering. A helpful suggestion is to make a list for each giant task, and go from there to break down each step into smaller, more manageable assignments. Section your lists by basic needs, such as a DJ, or table decorations, then make more detailed lists about what is required for each task. Make yourself a checklist if needed, looking at things written in a segmented and sequential order can help give you a piece of mind. Don’t forget to take everything one step at a time. Looking at the entire picture as a whole is daunting enough to make anyone lose it a little, and accomplishing small tasks to build up to bigger goals will make the wedding madness a little more manageable. However, consider a wedding planner if the work to do is just too much, they have the experience to help you make choices and manage your pile of duties while still centering around your desires and individual taste.

Regardless of the path you take to finalize your wedding wants, never forget to enjoy the journey, and relish the destination. This is supposed to be a fun and memorable experience, don’t get so caught up in the details that you forget the fact that this is a time for you to celebrate and enjoy. Make your wedding your own, but don’t lose yourself in the process. Whenever the stress of planning comes to a peak, take a deep breath and picture the joy in your heart as you walk down the aisle to be bonded with the love of your life. Remember that everyone is there to experience the joy of your love, and you will never go wrong.

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