January 14, 2019
Rachel Becher


When finding themselves engaged and in the midst of planning a wedding, many women have had an idea of what their wedding dress will look like long before their fiance popped the question. From books, friends, and perhaps a few too many cheesy romantic comedies, a bride often has an idea of her likes and dislikes that have played through her mind for some time. But when faced with the reality of finding the perfect dress, simultaneous stress and excitement are bound to interlock into an experience that can result in conflicting feelings. Many women find themselves trying to please others, stressing about budget, or unable to fulfill their wedding dress fantasies. When approached with these woes, or unsure of where to begin your search, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First of all, having a budget is key. Keep in mind this includes alterations and fittings, so plan for a little wiggle room in prices (No pun intended). Once you know your cap on how much you are willing to spend, it’s time to put those years of wedding dress fantasizing to use. Pinterest and Google images are extremely helpful to narrow down styles and give yourself an idea of what you like in a dress. Dislikes are just as important as likes, and when it’s time to go into a bridal boutique, all information provided will help the employees narrow down exactly what you’re looking for. Once you have a general idea of price and style, then you’re ready to begin the shopping process. So grab some girlfriends and/ or family members, a round of lattes, and prepare to be swooned over at the sight of you in a wedding dress for the first time.

There’s almost an endless amount of resources to find a beautiful dress in Colorado, but Heirloomsnaps has a handful of personal selections that we have worked with in the past, and have left many women with the dress of their dreams. For the bride who has a bit of a larger budget and a taste for a classic and elegant style of wedding dress, Anna bé Bridal Boutique’s dresses start at $1,800, with the majority of their inventory landing in the area of $2,000-$5,000. However, they do offer off-the-rack selection and sales events where a bride could catch a great deal.

Also in the realm of classic, but with a more traditional approach to their dresses, Little White Dress Bridal Shop offers their dresses broken down into category by designer. This shop is a high-end, “Top Notch” boutique that also offers their dresses in plus sized sizes. They are family owned and operated, and their dresses are separated into the categories of $3,000 above or $3,000 below. The least expensive dress a bride will find here runs in the range of $1,500.

For someone looking for something a little more rustic and unique, Emma and Grace Bridal Studio is a great place to start. Their styles are of a more non-traditional approach, and they pride themselves on keeping up with the most contemporary styles of wedding dress. They are known for their charity work, and even donate free wedding dresses to couples who are known to give back to their community. Their prices range from $1500- $7000, and they are located in Denver.

If theses prices are a little too steep for your budget, consider Blue Bridal Boutique. Their dresses range from $900- $4,000, with the majority of their inventory around $1,500. Their designers are exclusive to their boutique, and they are a women-owned and operated business. They offer trunk shows in which a bride has access to dresses not available year round at the store, and to keep up on current trends their staff attends fashion shows in New York twice a year.

If the price tags on the dresses you are looking at are giving you a heart attack, consignment stores or previously owned dresses are a great way to stay on budget. Consignment stores offer lower priced dresses that are still fantastic quality, and working one on one with a salesperson will ensure you don’t overspend. The Altar Bridal Consignment in Lakewood has a friendly staff and an in-house seamstress, with prices under $1,000. Located in Colorado Springs, Something New Boutique affirms that “The girl comes before the dress”, and are dedicated to delivering a personal experience to match your unique needs.

If your sales rep doesn’t remind you, here are a few key details to remember after you have found the perfect dress. Always consider undergarments, and what you will be wearing under your dress. Take into account your body shape and proportions, and choose garments that will require the least amount of adjustment as you progress through your wedding. Based on your individual needs, pick undergarments that lift, shape, hold, or disperse what you want, where you want it. Also, when it comes to alterations and fittings, it’s good to keep what your desired weight will be on your wedding day in mind. After your final fitting, don’t worry about losing anymore weight. You are beautiful the way you are, and you have already gone through so much to find the perfect style and fit. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and the natural beauty you bring to your dress.

No matter where you end up going, or how much money you spend, remember: have some fun! This is a unique experience in your life where you deserve some love and pampering, try not to get bogged down on the negative aspects of purchasing a dress. Relish in the excitement of your loved ones gushing over you for a little, and use this moment to get psyched up for your big day!

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