February 27, 2021
Vanessa Mir


We’ll be be making tasty cocktails and showing you how to add a bit of pizazz that will leave your guests gushing. Join us as we upscale your cocktail and make it your signature.

Without giving too much away we will be making  4 cocktails: a bourbon, vodka, mocktail, and introducing you to a canned cocktail.

Allyson tell us what we are making first?

First up a the Bourbon Lemonade…

  1. Take a Old Fashion Glass also called a lowball
  2. We dip the rim in maple syrup and then coconut sugar
  3. Place ice in the glass, then we used 2.5 inch round ice spheres
  4. Then pour in 2 ounces of Kentucky bourbon
  5. Add in enough lemonade leaving space at the top…
  6. Stir in 1/2 tsp of  maple syrup
  7. Garnish with sliced lemon, a few blueberries, and a sprig of thyme.

Next drink is a White Cosmopolitan…

  1.  Take a chilled coupe or martini glass
  2. Dip the rim in maple syrup and then turbinado sugar
  3. Pour remaining ingredients into a shaker..
  4.  1.5 oz  Vodka
  5. 1.5 oz St- Germain
  6. 1 oz  lime juice or 1 lime
  7. 3/4 cup white cranberry juice
  8. Garnish with a white edible flower  (we used snapdragons) and white or pink raspberries

Next drink is a Mocktail Coconut Rosewater Raspberry Smash…

  1.  Take a Highball glass
  2.  Muddle 3 raspberries in the bottom
  3. Top with crushed or cubed ice
  4. In a Shaker add  1 lime, then
  5. 2 oz of Cream of Coconut
  6. 1/4 tsp Rosewater, then
  7. 2 oz Gin (optional)
  8. Shake for about 5 seconds
  9. Pour over ice
  10. Give it a little stir then top off with more ice and add seltzer almost to the top and garnish with rosemary, raspberries and a straw.

Our last drink is a canned cocktail from @LeeSpirits called Lavender Lemonade

  1. Pour over ice
  2. Add seltzer water (optional)
  3. Garnish with lemon, rosemary, and lavender

Whether you are in search of the perfect beverage for your engagement celebration or your signature wedding cocktail;  How love to your lovelies is next step to leaving your guest impressed and asking for more.

Helping me in the studio was Allyson Reedy food and drink writer.  She is a Denver post restaurant critic, food writer for food publications like Bon Appetit, Everyday with Rachel Ray magazine and Eating Well. She traded in her laptop for a shaker and played bartender. Thank you, Allyson @allysoneatsden

We will be bringing you more advice and tips that you won’t want to miss. Also tell us if you liked this video by leaving a comment. I’m Vanessa Mir with Heirloomsnaps getting you one step closer to wedding ready.

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