February 22, 2021
Vanessa Mir

Hello and welcome my name is Vanessa with Heirloomsnaps. Join me as I show you 3 hand poses to get you one step closer to WEDDING READY.

Let’s talk about Hands.

When you’re not linked with your spouse or hugging friends and family clasp your hands in a way that looks graceful and ready to engage the next welcome arms.

In the beginning it may feel a bit awkward practicing how to hold your hands. The important thing is practice and find out what works for you.

Here is what I suggest:

Let’s start with: The Hand Hold

Right hand gently holds the left hand being careful to not stack middle fingers, hands are lowered to the waist and elbows are pushed slightly away from body.

Next Up is; The Palm Hold

Start with your hands at your side bring your right arm to the center of your body, palm up. Next, bring your left hand to clasp the right, leaving your thumps out.

Finally lets learn; The Wrist Hold
Again start with your arms to your side. Gently grasp your Right wrist with your Left hand.
Ending Narrative: Take in mind people want to see you wedding ring and so does your photographer. Don’t hide it by covering it with your hand and be ready to show off your bling…….people are going to ask.

Being at the center of attention can be nerve racking. but by taking the time to find your best pose you will leave best impression. Everyone is different that is why it is important to try all the suggestions before your big day and practice what’s natural for you!

I sincerely hope you found this video helpful. We are here to help you on your wedding planning journey….We would love to hear from you! Let us know how you used this video on your wedding day, what was your pose of choice? If you have a question about posture leave a comment below.

SHARE this video with anyone needing to improve their stage presence. There are two more parts to this series POSTURE and BOUQUET be sure to Check them out. This is Heirloomsnaps getting you be one step closer to wedding ready!

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