March 2, 2021
Vanessa Mir

Are you trying to figure out your weddings’ style and can’t seem to pin it down! It takes more than just planning to create a stunning wedding. Follow along with me as I introduce you to 3 trendy styles and their elements .

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The Take Home* You can take from all 3 trends… but incorporate the same element’s characteristics throughout the whole wedding! We are here to help you on your wedding planning journey. If you have questions about wedding style I would be happy to answer them in the questions below.

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Classic Style for 2021

  • Colors: creams, whites, and green
  • Flowers: roses
  • Shapes: circles, ovals and arches

Other note worthy elements are….

  • Fabrics: lace, satin, embroidery, and tulle
  • Trend Vocabulary: timeless and vintage

Boho Style for 2021

  • Colors: earth tones
  • Flowers: dried palms and other dry fauna
  • Shapes: organic
  • Other note worthy elements are….
  • Fabrics: macro-ma, linear lace, and fringe
  • Trend Vocabulary: exotic and carefree

Modern Style for 2021

  • Colors: bold to white
  • Flowers: anything goes
  • Shapes: sculptural, asymmetrical, and linear
  • Fabrics: satin
  • Trend Vocabulary: creative, asymmetric, patterns, and ombre’


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